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The Gynisus journey began in 2017, based on a personal story of recurrent Diagnostic errors that ended in complications. These complications occurred without any apparent explanation or reason. This story may occur to everyone. Each year, there are Millions of Medical/Diagnostic errors worldwide. All these lead to a massive loss of Lives, Money & Time.

Frustrated by these experiences, Dr. Zoya Gordon, a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering committed her life to find a better predictive way. She approached Hila Friedmann,a Seasonal Entrepreneur, Biomedical Engineer, and an expert in Data Science, an active member at AILA and Biodesign at Stanford University, and together, they founded Gynisus to
Transform the way that people
are diagnosed and treated.

Hila Friedmann, CEO, Gynisus

HLTH Foundation chose Gynisus to be a speaker at the prestigious stage at HLTH

“When we talk about the ways AI can transform healthcare, the work Gynisus is doing says it all!”


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Gynisus is combining artificial intelligence, smart algorithms, wearable devices, and data aggregation provides the forecasts for pregnancy and...

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Gynisus Named Among The Most Innovative And Promising Companies at 8200EISP Accelrator Gynisus provides at any phase, even before...

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