GynIsUs is conquering the media with its innovative and groundbreaking AI platform (SPAI™)


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The Digital Health Revolution is Here to Stay!

"The digital health trend has already begun, and it is not going to disappear. 

Today, we can find a range of technological solutions that are routinely integrated into almost all of our life cycles. 

The commencement is where all of us have started, pregnancy and childbirth. 

The Israeli company GynIsUs is helping physicians and pregnant women to reduce and hopefully prevent possible complications (Today, 15% of all pregnancies are premature births, among them 1 million babies die every year).


By combining artificial intelligence, smart algorithms, and wearable devices, they aggregate patients' data and provide the forecasts in real time. By doing so, the company enables physicians to predict possible complications during pregnancy and thus offer personalized preventive care."

 Israel Hayom, Feb 10, 2019.

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The writer and author of this article is Avishay Pariz the CEO of Garmin Israel. 

We are honored to collaborate with such distinguished people and companies as Garmin to bring value to our customers.

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GeekTime chose GynIsUs among the TOP 3 companies in the prestigious accelerator of the 8200

"Fourteen companies chose to participate this year (out of hundreds of applications that were submitted) in the prestigious accelerator of the Israeli Intelligence Corps Unit 8200.

We chose the TOP 3 companies out of them that we found the most exciting and promising


Currently, 15% of all births worldwide end in premature birth, among them 1 million babies die every year. GynIsUs enables physicians to predict preterm delivery through a combination of their software and artificial intelligence. 

The company has developed an algorithm that predicts the week of birth, and it enables physicians to identify which patient has a high probability to deliver in preterm delivery. By using their cutting edge technology, they provide their prediction at any phase, even before the commencement of pregnancy.

Today there is no solution for the early detection of premature births; There are several causes that can lead to preterm delivery, some of which are well known; still, there is plenty to discover. Therefore, it makes it almost impossible to predict which patient will have preterm labor. 

Thanks to the technology they developed, they providing physicians with a list of parameters to focus."

Hila Haimovich, GeekTime, June 30, 2017.