About Us


  Our journey began in 2015 based on a personal story of recurrent miscarriages and preterm births. 

These losses occurred without any explanation or apparent reason.

This phenomenon occurs in 15% of the births, i.e., 15M pregnancies annually!

This experience led us to establish GynIsUs, with the goal of changing the way that physicians diagnose and treat women.

Today, Pregnancy is like a Black box, and many questions remain unanswered


*What are the expected risks of each pregnancy?  

What can be done preventively to address the risk of complications and How risks evolving throughout the pregnancy?

* How can NICU better prepare for accepting new preemie based on his unique profile?

* What hospital resources and capacity will be required for each specific pregnancy?

* How can hospitals better plan for NICU capacity?

Pregnancies & Childbirth Are Associated With Deaths & Costs That Could Be Avoided


  * 7,000 newborn babies die every day. Many of these could be prevented or avoided through improved antenatal care.

* 300K women die globally every year from preventable causes related to pregnancy. 

* US childbirth accounts for 10% of all maternal hospital stays and $12.4B in hospitalization costs for live births

* 94% of US hospital stays for childbirth in 2008 involve complicating conditions

Premature Birth it’s the Biggest reason that babies in the U.S. die before their first birthday


* US Premature births occur in 1 out 8 pregnancies

* Estimated societal economic impact of preterm birth is at least $26.2B annually


GynIsUs brings AI & Precise Medicine To Women’s Health from Pregnancy to Postpartum care


 * Our AI platform (Safe Pregnancy AI - SPAI™)  integrates data generated real time and on an ongoing basis.

* Diagnostics and treatments are personalized, based on our AI predictions  (e.g., preterm, premature rupture of membranes, diabetes, preeclampsia, eclampsia).

* Hospitals and physicians can focus on their patients at higher risks of complications and diseases. 

* Hospitals can better forecasting the resource utilization and cost management.

We are connecting between the OB-GYNs to Neonatologists by our Fetus AI Simulator


  Connecting the woman medical profile and her Fetus medical profile (e.g., severe fetal growth restriction, macrosomia) ;

Enable the physicians to track the impact of the woman medical assessments and lifestyle on her baby’s outcome

We bring you Value


  * Reducing readmission rate after 24h

* Reducing complications and misdiagnoses

* Reducing hospitalizations caused by complications 

and hospitalizations after delivery

* Reducing delivery room stay by predicting the most efficient induction method / Mode of Delivery (MOD)

*Attracting Millennials and affluent populations